05, february 2017

who causes anger?

What are the real reasons for our anger?

Certainly anger is a reaction of our primary brain, a biological and psychological response that has protected the human race in the evolution of species.

That has protected us as the human race in its

But it is also true that there are authors (Mike George) who think like me that anger kills. It not only kills our body but it kills our ability to be creative, which is the true motive of our life.

From this point of view, anger is never healthy or useful.

There was a time when I understood anger as a motor of growth.

Now I understand that anger is the enemy of joy, of feeling of fullness and inner peace.

There are multiple studies that show how anger leads to a complete detriment of our physical health. A Stanford University forgiveness project study shows that it is impossible to be healthy and happy when we bring bitterness and anger for how unjustly we could have been treated.

According to Professor Stafford of the University of Bristol "Cortisol carries down our brain and leads to cell atrophy and memory loss. It raises blood pressure and blood sugar, hardening the arteries and leading to heart problems".

Take a moment to reflect on the last time you got angry with someone.

It can be hard to see that your anger is never created by anyone but yourself.

Anger usually means that we are on autopilot, allowing the habits of the subconscious, coming from beliefs and assumed perception, to give shape to your almost conscious thoughts and actions.

If we want to free ourselves from the habit of anger we will need to take three fundamental steps:

  • understand why anger is extremely harmful to health.
  • accept the responsibility of our anger in any form, situation and every moment.
  • be prepared to expose, challenge and change the beliefs and perceptions that we carry, which are what are creating our true emotional pain.