Who are we

Natalia Martínez

Trained as Mindfulness Professor at the University of Oxford and Mindful Academy, with studies in Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Hypnosis; Coordinates and directs the different courses and workshops of Meditation-Mindfulness.com, with the collaboration of the best professionals at the national level in each discipline.




In our Mindfulness or Mindfulness Meditation courses we learn to disconnect the autopilot in which we usually do not find and understand in depth the difference between our "way of doing" and our "way of being", enabling us to understand our patterns of behavior and Giving us the ability to choose to respond in the place of reacting.

We have professionals with the highest qualifications and years of experience. Psychologists, therapists, physicians and business managers with experience using mindfulness-trained techniques at top universities (Oxford, Massachusetts).


Natalia Martínez, meditacion-mindfulness.com