07, january 2017

the art of meditation

There are false beliefs that meditating consists in leaving the mind blank, that all forms of meditation carry implicit strict religious beliefs, that those who practice are people outside the modern world and that in order to do so we need to sit in uncomfortable postures for a long time.
There will be those who are disappointed, but none of it is true.
Meditation is discipline in the training of our mind, just as we train our muscles in the gym. It is appeasing the mind by focusing completely on that which surrounds us and which is present in the now; To explore in our inner space open to the unknown and to the known, observing it as if it were the first time.
It involves understanding how we function mentally, our physical reactions, our behaviors, without analyzing them logically or looking for the whys and then allows us to respond differently if we wish.
It is not necessary that we belong to any religion, science endorses this practice with innumerable studies.
Neither will we set our minds blank but concentrate our attention on the present moment and this will enable us to calm our minds and see everything with more perspective and clarity.
We do not need to live like hermits to meditate, we can do it without breaking with all our current life, and practice brief and effective meditations sitting comfortably at home or at work or even walking.
Meditation ultimately gives us breadth of vision, choice and, therefore, freedom.
Natalia Martínez.