Individual classes

Individual online and face-to-face classes.

Treatment of anxiety and stress disorders as well as other disorders (consult).

The classes are adapted to the individual needs and / or indications of the health professional that derives from it.

It includes the training of certified course of basic fundamentals of mindfulness of 8 weeks.

Delivery of bibliography, support material and audios for the practices.

Professionals accredited and experienced in the treatment of this type of disorders.



The purpose of the course is to teach and guide the participant in the practice of stress reduction techniques Mindfulness through personal experience in depth and build the basis of a maintained personal practice and to apply it also to the work environment so that they can exercise Their profession with greater capacity for introspection and stress management.

We will learn the main theoretical concepts and dedicate much of the time to the practice of different exercises so that the participant finds the most appropriate method for their habitual practice.

Establishing bases for the habit of Meditation and results in the development of new mental structures.

Objetivos del retiro 1 semana mindfulness


I start every beginning of the month.

The schedules are adapted to the individual needs. A minimum of one class of 2 hours per week is proposed for 8 weeks. Although 1 or 2 classes of 45-minute reinforcement are advised every week for help in daily practice.


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