07, january 2017

how meditation can help us at work

Meditation is not going to solve the bad character of your boss. Neither the hard-faced colleague who has to do his job for incompetent or because he always has the perfect excuse not to do it.

It will not even eliminate our anger or frustration at situations of injustice.

But it will give us just a few seconds, which are a great respite, to decide how to behave, to break the vicious circle of thoughts that lead to increase our anxiety and to be outside observers giving us room to understand from a much wider perspective and choose how we want to feel at respect.

Less than a few seconds to send the information to our hypothalamus to instruct our valuable amygdala on whether it is worth it or not to strangle our boss.
A moment to listen to us and understand that anger, frustration, disappointment, fear, anxiety ... and decide what to do with them whether to calm them or let them direct our lives.

A short space of time that opens a wide range of answers previously unimaginable.

It will increase our efficiency and we will be able to be more resolutive thanks to a greater capacity of analysis. It allows us to be more agile and flexible in different situations and to achieve our greatest potential in every situation.

And although in the work environment the competition is fierce and there are plenty of wild animals and vultures that "force" us to always be with the loaded gun, we will learn to laugh at ourselves and understand that it was not worth it.


Natalia Martínez.