In our Mindfulness or Mindfulness Meditation courses we learn to disconnect the autopilot in which we usually do not find and understand our behavioral patterns, expanding our perspective, giving us the option of other solutions and we give the ability to choose to respond in the place of reacting.


In the Retreats we enjoy the beauty of the places that surround us, of delicious cuisine with the best products of the garden elaborated by our chef, the comfort of the beautiful rooms, and of the additional services of massages, trekking and natural therapies while we We immerse ourselves in meditative mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a technique of relaxation and mental concentration whose continued practice allows us to become fully aware of the present moment, the processes of the mind that happen in each moment, our sensations and emotions, observing them without identifying or judging. It allows us to develop a better relationship with our thoughts and emotions through a deep understanding of how the mind works.